Prototypes, Special Effects, and Animatronics

I have created many working prototypes for my professional work in themed entertainment, but due to non-disclosure agreements I can not share the details. Below are some examples of personal and academic work.

Halloween Sceance

This is a display I made for Halloween. The face is internally projected from a pico projector with the wires hidden in the back leg of the stand. The raven was built from scratch with a plastic internal armature and vacuformed shell.

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These interactive artworks were created in 2014 and 2015 as part of the DXARTS program at the University of Washington

The Enchanted Dollhouse

This is an interactive art project that uses a hidden camera and facial recognition software. I designed the dollhouse in SketchUp and Rhinoceros and laser cut the pieces out of plywood.

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Mr. Radio

This interactive radio experience features sound, lighting, a pico projector, and PDLC smart glass, it is controlled with an Arduino and Processing on a PC.

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Magic Dwarf Rock

This is a magic dwarf rock that uses a distance sensor to make the golden disk turn. A correct three rune combination makes the dwarf appear.

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Fingerprint Fortune Teller

This is a fortune teller that reads your future using an optical fingerprint scanner.

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Homeless Dragon

This “homeless dragon” uses a distance sensor, ultrasonic fogger, servo motors, and is controlled with an Arduino.

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Beep Boop Box

This is a fun interactive control panel with buttons, lights, sound, and fog. I laser-cut the front plate out of acrylic and programmed an Arduino to control it.

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